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Crystal elixirs are the best worst kept secret. They are created by transferring the energy of the crystal to water via direct or indirect methods. What is important about them is that they contain the healing properties of the stone without needing to wear or carry the stone with you. You can't spray a stone on your hair or diffuse it's energy into the air but with an elixir made using a stone you can get the benefits whenever you like.

Some stones are also very expensive or very small and would be easy to lose. With a bottle of elixir you can have your stone and its energy and positive properties where ever you want them.

Crystal elixirs have no scent so you can spray or diffuse them without bothering other people in your home or workplace. You can add a few drops to your favorite perfume or to your diffuser with essential oils of your own choosing.

We create each batch as ordered so they are fresh for you to use.

All elixirs are created from crystals that have been fully cleared and charged in the highest energy full moon cycles and are then toned with appropriate sound vibrations.

Before you order send us a message with your choice of crystals and essential oils so we can make sure we have the crystals you want. We have over 300 crystals in our gem water collection.