About us

Welcome to Inspirational Goodies!

Inspirational Goodies is all about raising the vibration of all of us by providing products that inspire you and make you feel good about yourself and the world plus add beauty to your home, office and surroundings.

Dragons, Animals, Nature Pieces, Fun Stuff
Our orgone art (resin base with crystals and elixirs embedded) looks beautiful, increases your energy and clears your space too.

Coloring Books and Pages
Our coloring books help you meditate. You can download coloring books and pages that you print and put your artistic vision and spin on.

Crystal Elixirs and Fusions (Gem Essences and Essential Oils Blends)
Our crystal infused elixirs, aura sprays, room sprays, melts and candles lift your spirits and bring specific vibrations into your surroundings and into yourself. We blend essential oils, crystal infused waters, botanicals and other natural ingredients to help you live a healthier, happier and more balanced life.

Prints and Nature Photography Books
I have been a photographer my whole life and enjoy seeing my work hanging in offices and hotel rooms, in addition to people's homes. My art is digital, coming from my photography, so photos now have more purpose when I take them than just capturing the immediate moment. I see them in my mind as paintings as well as beautiful photographs. Not all photographs make great art, usually just a percentage make the grade. But I love the ones that do.

I have recently begun adding words and inspiration to my photography and art, you will see some in my shop, and I would like to invite you to participate if you see something that is "Almost Perfect" but that you would like to see with your words, just send me an email or convo and we will see if your words are appropriate to the image you have chosen.

Try us out and see if we can make your life more vibrant!

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