Red Bandana Spa Set Microwavable Heating Pad - Removable Washable Cover - Yoga - Meditation - Flax Seed Rice Reusable Neck Wrap

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Reward yourself with a 15 minute Bliss Break with our microwaveable heat pads that can be used around your neck and shoulders or placed on your forehead or anywhere you have stiff muscles or pain. Sit in your chair, lay on a couch or even wear it around your neck while you continue to walk around or even wear it during a workout or yoga session.

This listing is for one microwavable Bliss Break neck wrap or one short pillow that can be used on your wrist, placed on pain points or on your forehead, eyes or sinus area made to order from the fabric in the first image. I like to use the 10" on my chest and the 30" around my neck and shoulders.

You can choose unscented or you can surround yourself with a cloud of aromatherapy from our selection of herbs and botanicals that can change your mood and give you an instant sense of peace.

The inside of the wrap is muslin filled with rice and flax seed plus the dried flowers and herbs you choose sewn into separate compartments to keep it evenly distributed. The rice and flax seed holds the heat for around 15 to 20 minutes while you sink into a blissful relaxed state. You can wear it around your neck and shoulders while you work or while you sink into your favorite chair for a total break.

~~Pick your size~~
~~~Some sizes and blends are not currently available. Message me for availability if you are interested in one that is not in the drop down.~~~

Please note that since these are all handmade from fabrics that are prewashed your wrap might be up to an inch shorter or longer than the stated length:

*Medium: 4" x 30" four compartment double stitched neck and shoulder wrap that can be draped over your neck and back, shoulders, legs or even take it to bed to warm your whole body. Great to wrap around your lower back and over your abdomen. This wrap is long enough to stay put while you walk around during your day and just need those neck and shoulder muscles to relax while you work. I wear mine while sewing, cutting fabric or sitting at the computer working.

*Short: 4" x 20" three compartment double stitched wrap is the perfect size for wrapping just your neck or putting on a specific area you want some heat or cold targeting.

*Small 4" x 10" pillow pad size that can be used on your wrist, tucked under your arm, placed on pain points or on your forehead, eyes or sinus area. I like to use the 10" on my chest. Also great over your eyes for after yoga Savasana, during daily meditation, for a few minutes before you go to bed.

Choose a spa set to give yourself a self care gift or they are a great gift for someone you know that needs to add a self care break to their daily routine.
Spa Set 30": One Medium Wrap (4" x 30") and one small Pillow (4" x 10")
Spa Set 20": One Short Wrap (4" x 20") and one small Pillow (4" x 10")

Spa sets make great gifts! Add a note with your gift order and we will add your note to the package.

Please let us know if you need a custom size via messenger and we will create a custom listing for you.

We use these multiple times a day and reaching down the back or down over the chest is very comforting and gets the heat where it needs to be to relieve the pain. For the scented wraps it also surrounds you with the scents which also have properties to help relieve pain and stress.

From a review of a wrap with Lavender and Eucalyptus:
"Feels and smells like comfort, Christmas and joy."

That is exactly what we were going for when we designed our wraps. We have used them microwaved for heat but they can also be frozen for migraine relief, reduce swelling or other issues when you need a cold pack.

Your wrap will come with a completely washable separate outer cotton cover that slides over the rice and flax seed muslin filled inner pillow that is not washable. The outer cover is the fabric in the first photo on this listing. Included is a care card that tells what scents are in your wrap and how to use it and care for it.

**100% Cotton Outer Cover - Looking for other fabrics? Almost any of the fabrics we sell in the By the Yard, Fat Quarter categories or as Masks can be made into wraps. Metallics can't be since they aren't microwavable. Check out those categories for more choices and message us with what you are looking for and I'll get it set up.
**100% Unbleached Muslin Inner Pillow filled with a special combination of flax seed and rice plus your choice of botanicals.


Your wrap can be unscented or you can choose from the following scent combinations. All are dried flowers or leaves as listed. There are no oils in these wraps.

**Singles - Can be blended in any Combination - Leave a note with your order to let me know if you want in your combination if you want more than a single scent.
Lavender Buds
Rose Petals

*House Created Blends - Request in the Checkout Comments*

~Revive & Energize
Roses, Rosemary, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, Spearmint

~Breathe Easy
Eucalyptus (strong), Peppermint, Rosemary, Lemongrass, Lavender Buds

Lavender Buds, Chamomile, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus (light)

Indulge yourself in some self care with this spa quality wrap.

**These wraps are not intended to replace medical care but to aid in the relief of pain and help you feel good!!

Are you looking for a custom size or herbal blend? Message me for a quote!