Rainbow Gem Water Aura Spray

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Rainbow Gem Water Aura Spray and Diffusion Elixir
Rainbows make us feel good right? Take all the properties of the quartz crystals in this mix and add a rainbow of color to them and you have an aura spray that will make YOU feel great when you spray or diffuse it in your home or office. If you are feeling down or drained spray your aura and feel the lift.


When people or the cats are being grumpy in my house I just pick this up and spray it at them 😃 Instant mood change.


Gemstones infused in this blend (Stones are not included they are infused into the water):
Rainbow Quartz sphere
Rainbow Quartz point
Rainbow Quartz small tower
Rainbow Calcite sphere
Rainbow Smoky Citrine point
Rainbow Smoky Quartz point
Rainbow Citrine point
Rainbow Citrine double terminated point
Rainbow Lemurian Sphere and Point
Rainbow Ametrine Sphere
Rainbow Amethyst Sphere
Rainbow Fire and Ice Lemurian Point
Rainbow Elestial Smoky Quartz with druzy - indirect
Rainbow Seer Stones, Amethyst and Smoky Quartz - indirect
Rainbow Golden Healer Herkimer Diamond
Rainbow Danburite
Rainbow Brandburg Amethyst
Rainbow Mosaic Chalcedony (2)
Rainbow Golden Healer Lemurian Generator
Rainbow Golden Healer Lemurian Twin 
Rainbow Green Tourmaline on Smoky Quartz
Rainbow Fire and Ice Lemurian Point
Rainbow Garden Quartz Sphere
Rainbow Fluorite
Rainbow Tibetan Quartz
Rainbow Tangerine Lemurian Quartz
Rainbow Dream Quartz
Rainbow Optical Calcite/Iceland Spar
Rainbow Golden Healer Lemurian
Rainbow Honey Calcite

How to use:
Spray frequently - your aura, your body, your room.


Diffuse - put a few drops in a diffuser of distilled water and feel the difference in the room.

Topically - I spray or drop a couple drops on my hands, rub them together and apply to my neck, temples or wherever it feels needed.

Bath and body products - add a couple of drops to your bottle of body wash, your face wash and your shampoo. This gets right to you where you need it most. Also can add to baths or foot soaks.

This elixir is also tuned with specific healing sound frequencies for all the chakras.