Protection and Clearing Aura Spray and Diffusing Fusion
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Protection and Clearing Aura Spray and Diffusing Fusion

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Protection and Clearing Aura Spray and Diffusing Fusion

This is an extremely powerful space clearing spray that contains a blend of large number of protective gem waters. You need to clear your area before you can protect it and this spray does both.

Therapeutic Grade Oils:
Clary Sage
Palo Santo
Rose in Jojoba

Botanicals: Rose Hydrosol 

This combination of waters and oils added to our crystal essence will clear and protect any space from unwanted energy.

Infused Gems (Stones are not included - their energy is infused into the water):

Black tourmaline, shungite, several varieties of smoky quartz, Auralite 23 and Super 7/Melody 7, plus 8 different opals are just a few of the included gem infused waters. A full PDF listing all the stones infused is available. There are over 50 stones that were used to infuse this blend.

This blend consists of indirect stone infusions and took several days to create, plus it is enhanced with sound waves.

This is also a great spray to use to clear your stones periodically to refresh their energy.

Spray frequently or diffuse when you are stressed to lighten and clear the area around you.

How to use:
Spray frequently - your aura, your body, your room.

Use to clear your stones between full moons or when they can't be moved by spraying with this spray.

Diffuse - put a few drops in a diffuser of distilled water and feel the difference in the room.

Topically - I spray or drop a couple drops on my hands, rub them together and apply to my neck, temples or wherever it feels needed.

Bath and body products - add a couple of drops to your bottle of body wash, your face wash and your shampoo. This gets right to you where you need it most. Also can add to baths or foot soaks.

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