Aches and Pains Gem Water Fusion and Aura Spray
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Aches and Pains Gem Water Fusion and Aura Spray

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Aches and Pains Gem Water Essential Oil Fusion

Gemstones used to infuse the water:
Black tourmaline, Shungite, blended Kyanite (Black, blue, green and orange)

Helichrysum, Eucalyptus, Clary sage, Lemon plus a special pain blend - ingredients supplied on request - it is a long list.
Rose water added.

How to use:
Spray -
I spray myself directly where ever it hurts. I also spray related areas, so if my wrists are hurting I spray my wrists and arms. If my lower back hurts I spray my entire back and shoulders. Also good as a general aura spray when I get up in the morning and periodically throughout the day.

Topically - I spray or drop a couple drops on my hands, rub them together and apply to my neck, temples or wherever it feels needed.

There is no alcohol or vinegar in this blend.
The shungite content is high enough to be a natural preservative. We recommend using within 6 months of purchase.

Why do we sell sprays with a dropper?
Each bottle can be used to create your own spray bottles and be used in your diffusers. You only need a few drops added to a spray bottle of distilled or purified water or to a diffuser.

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